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Oracle- DB2 Migration

  1. Oracle- DB2 Migration

    Hello Greats,

    Currently, I am working with on a Oracle- DB2 migration engagement,

    One of the Client requirements, is to access the Oracle reports to the DB2 Database. Moreover the Client has Oracel Application Server, as their Middle Ware.

    Any idea, how I can go about on the same.


    Warm Regards
    Reginald Joseph

  2. Re: Oracle- DB2 Migration

    Set up your HS environment if not installed.
    Check from /oracle/ora92/hs dirctory exists or not.
    If doesnot exist then install it.

    I have set up DB2 from Oracle in the steps mentioned bwlow:

    1. Create an (ODBC) System DSN using IBM DB2 driver
    Check the testing of DSN .

    2.In the /hs/admin directory,
    you will find a file named 'inithsodbc.ora'. Make a copy of it called
    'initcopy.ora', and edit the file.

    HS_FDS_CONNECT_INFO = datsource name you have created ex: DSN1

    3. Edit your listener.ora and add one entry like

    (SID_DESC (PROGRAM = hsodbc)
    (SID_NAME = copy)
    (ORACLE_HOME = C:\oracle\ora92)

    Save the listener.ora , stop and start listener.

    4.Change your tnsnames.ora, add one entry

    test1 (DESCRIPTION (ADDRESS_LIST (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = oracle server name)(PORT = 1521))
    (CONNECT_DATA (SID = copy)
    (HS = OK)

    5. Now create a db link
    CONNECT TO "db2admin"
    IDENTIFIED BY "Admindb2"
    USING 'test1';

    Then you will be able to access DB2 from Oracle.
    select count(*) from db2admin.tablename@dblink1;

    If any problem let me know.

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