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Remove DB2 Client Completely

  1. Remove DB2 Client Completely

    Is there a way to remove DB2 completely without using the force command? I don't know what in the world DB2 developers were thinking. When you go to Add/Remove Programs and click remove for the client there will be an error saying that you have to move your default DB2 Copy to another one. Well, I only have 1 db2 copy so where do I move it? Shouldn't there be a way to completely bring back your PC to what it was before installing DB2 by just uninstalling. Did IBM developers think that you will never uninstall the DB2 completely? All documentations mentions the default must be assigned to another db2 copy. Well sorry for me, I only have 1 db2 copy and I want to uninstall it too. The documentation also mentions a force command to uninstall everything complete when all else fails. I tried it before, it destroyed my TOAD for DB2 installation. It did not work anymore after that because all the registry keys with the word "DB2" were removed. Seems the force uninstall command just destroys your system. If any of you have an idea, then post it and put it in you documentation. It is already version 9 and you no one even tried fixing it.

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    This is actually a new uninstall issue for v9 DB2, because this is a "problem" associated with the mulitple copies of DB2 products on the same windows system, which was first supported in DB2 9.

    As you already know, on a system where multiple DB2 copies are installed, one copy should be set as the default copy. When the last DB2 copy of the default copy is uninstalled, the installer will ask you to reset the default copy to another copy if there are still other db2 copy/copies installed on the system.

    In your case, I believe there are more than one DB2 copy installed on the system. Based on your description, you have two db2 copies on your system:
    1). One copy is the DB2 copy you installed by itself. It is the default copy and the one you tried to uninstall;
    2). The other copy is the db2 product (DB2 Runtime Client) bundled/installed with your TOAD package.

    You can check the registry on your machine, under \HKLM\software\IBM\DB2\InstalledCopies\, to find all the (v9 or higher) DB2 copies installed on the system.

    Thus, in your case, the install worked correctly as-designed:
    (1). When you uninstall the DB2 product in the default copy, you were prompt to move the default copy to another db2 copy installed on the system.
    (2). After you used the brute force uninstall command, "db2unins /f", all the db2 products were removed from the system, including the db2 bundled/installed with TOAD. --> That was why the TOAD package does not work any more after the force uninstall of all db2 products.
    This brute force uninstall behavior is documented clearly in the On-line Inforamtion Center, as you already know.

    To reset the default db2 copy before uninstalling the last db2 product in the default copy, you can do the following:
    (1) Use the "Default DB2 Selection wizard":
    You can either launch it from the Start->Program Files->IBM DB2->[copyName]->Setup Tools->Default DB2 Selection wizard, or launch it from a db2 command window, with the command "db2swtch.exe"

    (2) Use the db2lswtch command lines:
    db2lswtch -demote ==> to demote the current default copy
    db2lswtch -promote ==> to promote the new default copy

    Please check the registry tree on your system, and use the method I suggested above to reset the default copy before the uninstall, if needed.



  3. Re: Remove DB2 Client Completely


    There was one typo in my previous reply:
    "When the last DB2 copy of the default copy is uninstalled" should be "When the last DB2 product of the default copy is uninstalled".

    In addition, you can also check the db2 copies installed on your system using the "Default DB2 Selection wizard" either launched from the Start menu or the db2swtch.exe executable.



  4. Re: Remove DB2 Client Completely

    Thanks a lot! Seems I have to eat my words, it now makes sense.

  5. Re: Remove DB2 Client Completely


    i am uninstalling ibm db 2 from my windows vista machin eit's giving fatal error installation is intrupted. can any one help
    Amandeep Singh

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