Allan Adler ( writes:
> I appreciate Floyd L. Davidson's earlier message in which he set out
> very clearly some aspects of the use and structure of Lilo. The tone
> of his last message is a lot more judgemental and, in my opinion, is
> confused and inaccurate in its perceptions of what I'm trying to do.
> I don't want to reply to all of the parts of his posting. I'd just like
> to point out some details that I think are important and try to understand
> what he is saying about them.

You own posts are "confused and inaccurate".

There I've said it.

You're completely dependent on the answers here because you aren't doing
any of the work. You waste our time with passages about how you will
format and print out source code, that has no relevance to the readership,
and if you think that has anything to do with learning, then it's no
wonder you are having problems. Process is not learning.

ONe way to judge whether someone is learning is whether they can
actually put things into their own words. I don't see that at all,
you're just following what people say and stumbling further.

Again, you go off in one direction merely because someone posts a reply
in that regard, and then you expect the rest of us to follow, even though
from our reading there is no sense in going in that direction, and it's
clear you haven't actually learned something from the post.

Lots of people have given you really big hints about what you want,
I gave you exactly what you wanted, you only had to implement it, yet
for some reason we are the confused ones.

I don't actually believe you have any goal here, but even if you
did, the replies you are getting should move you forward. Again, you
are trying to jump into the deep end instead of starting small. Get
that little program going that says "hello world" and is compatible
with a known bootloader. That will teach you something about assembly
language, and the assembler syntax, or the C language and its syntax,
and that will teach you about what is the most basic thing(s) you need
to do whatever it is you want to do, and then you will have something to
build whatever else you want onto.

"But I don't learn that way". Well, I don't think you are learning
the way you are doing things now.

You aren't learning, you are in effect having people do your homework,
yet not letting them teach you anything because you think you know
what you need to know, but you don't.