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Design View Disabled

  1. Design View Disabled


    how can i enable a from's design view when it is disabled? (the
    database doesn't have any passwords to be accessed but it has password
    for vba codes).

    thanks in advance,


  2. Re: Design View Disabled

    Hi, Farhaad.

    > how can i enable a from's design view when it is disabled?

    If you mean Design View is disabled in the Database Window or on the
    Toolbar, then it's disabled because it's an MDE database file. Find the MDB
    database file that this MDE file was made from and make your design changes
    to that file, then recreate the MDE file and redistribute it to your users.

    If you mean Design View isn't available on a form's pop-up menu, then you
    need to open the form in Design View first (with the Database Window button
    or the Toolbar button), enable the Shortcut Menu Property, and then ensure
    that the shortcut menu used includes Design View.


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