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ORA-600 internal error code

  1. ORA-600 internal error code

    Oracle RDBMS Kernel raises an ORA-00600 error when an unexpected condition is met during its normal functioning. An ORA-00600 oracle error may not necessarily be a bug all the time and could be caused due to various reasons. Oracle error 600 reasons can include a Lack of System Resources, Operating System Issues, Hardware Failures and many other dependent system driver issues. In many instances, ORA-00600 error indicates an existing corruption in the oracle database or can be a indication of events leading to data or database corruption.Oracle database administrators should take an ORA-00600 error very seriously and work with oracle support to resolve this issue.

    ORA-00600 : How to Identify that you have hit a ORA-00600

    When an ORA-00600 error is generated, the front end application may or may not see this error. Therefore the dba should implement an alert log monitor to page on the first occurrence of an ORA-00600. A typical error looks as shown below in the example with a list of arguments. TheWhen an error is generated, it looks as example below and is displayed with a list of arguments. The error creates an entry in the oracle alert.log in BDUMP and also creates trace file in udump directory. These 2 files are very critical to be uploaded in the support request when contacting oracle.

    The first argument identifies the area in the oracle code the error was caught and gives the best indication in identifying the problem. The first argument can either be a number or a character string. The rest of the arguments are values of various dependent information including internal variables etc.
    ORA-00600 : Troubleshooting for the experienced DBA's

    Oracle metalink provides detailed information on troubleshooting the errors. Oracle manages an updated document on top ORA-00600 errors generated with each version of Oracle in its server internals knowledge base.

    Metalink also contains Note 153788.1 - Troubleshoot an ORA-00600 Error using the ORA-00600 Argument Lookup Tool, this tool takes first argument and the stack information as inputs to provide guidance on identifying the possible issues related to the error.
    How to Deal with an ORA-00600

    ORA-00600 should be consider a very serious error and the oralce dba should open a TAR with oracle and continue to work on resolving the issue. Metalink documentation can point you to some solutions but do consult with oracle support before applying patches or fixes recommended in the metalink documents.

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