On 19 Aug, 15:33, jfal...@socket.net wrote:
> I'm getting a message that says:
> Not Compatible
> Your export file is not supported.
> When I run the import script. from the Oracle front end. *It runs for
> a couple minutes and then this message pops up. *the version I have is
> XE 10g and opening the dmp with a text editor says EXPORT:V09.09.00
> so it was created with a lower version I think? *I am not sure of the
> layout of the tables and what not so I don't know where to go from
> here. *Any thoughts?
> On a side note, playing with the sample hr db that comes with the XE
> version is pretty slick. *I can see why people use oracle.

This is why version information is so important. It would appear that
your client has used the export utility shipped with 9i.

You have two choices:

1. Get them to re-do the export with a 10g client.
2. Download Oracle 9i from http://www.oracle.com/technology/sof...e9i/index.html

Incidentally, the HR "database" you reference is actually a _schema_
within your XE _database_ ;)