"Tomeh, Husam" writes:
> I'm getting the following errors on one of my pg server running postgres
> 7.4.5 on RedHat AS R4.
> LOG: could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer
> LOG: incomplete startup packet

> What I found out is that there's a networking VIP monitoring port 5432
> every 15 sec and that's basically used for failover so that the
> application will re-direct user requests to another server with
> identical pg database in case of database or server failure.

As long as you know what's causing it, it's safe to ignore --- it's not
harming anything except wasting a process launch each time. If you
hadn't known the cause then I'd be worried about whether some hostile
is portscanning your network ...

What you *should* be worrying about is that you are still running 7.4.5.
That's two years old and there are a big pile of known bugs in it,
some of which *will* eat your data.

regards, tom lane

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