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Goal Programming in Excel Solver?

  1. Goal Programming in Excel Solver?

    Does Excel Solver work on goal programs?

    I have a mixed integer program with multiple objectives. Excel tosses
    back inconsistent results. That is, I can run Solver under the same
    conditions and get back different solutions, some of which are inferior
    to others.

    Reference: Goal programming is a type of linear program that involves
    the use of deviation variables. I am using it because I have more than
    one objective. This link says something about what a goal program is:

  2. Re: Goal Programming in Excel Solver?

    You at the University of Leeds? The link is cmu.edu?

    I am sure that there are other books, perhaps better, on the subject;
    but you might want to look at "Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision
    Analysis" by Cliff T. Ragsdale. Published by SOUTH-WESTERN College

    In fact you might want to look here:


    FrontLine wrote Solver.

    I used the Ragsdale book to teach a class on Decision Analysis a couple
    of times. Guest Prof. type of thing. It is a good book. Very
    interesting type of stuff to me.

    Hope this helps,
    Brian H.

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