Hi, Help please!
I am a complete newbie and I am using visual studios 2008, reporting services and linking to cube data in Analysis Services.
I have data in my matrix colomn of territory and row of period. The data is from a cube.
Three questions:-
1) I need to be able to select a date and for it to know which period it relates to. I dont seem to be able to create parameters that work in this way?
2) I need the user to be able to select a period and for it to show the data for that period. (easy enough) but based on the period selected I need to have a colomn showing the same period last year and the same period 2 yrs ago. The data is in the cube but how do I get it to show the previous years data in a seperate column?
2) In a seperate report, I also need to be able to show YTD based on the period selected. I've tried adding year as a field for colomn in a seperate matrix but based on the period I select it only shows period data not the YTD. It will also have to calculate same YTD for -1 yr and -2 yrs.
Any help gratefully received. Thanks