I will be doing two classes in connection the YAPC (Yet Another Perl
Conference) 10th Anniversary conference at Carnegie Mellon University
in the University Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

* Thu June 25 - Introduction to RDBMS and SQL for the Totally Ignorant
(Joe Celko) $150.00

The SQL newsgroupies should not attend this one, unless you just want
the free book that comes with the course. I really mean "Totally
Ignorant" and will be using the simplest intro book I know --

* Fri June 26 - The New Stuff in SQL You Don't Know About (Joe Celko)

This one gets you a copy of SQL FOR SMARTIES in the price. The SQL
newsgroupies should attend this one.

Yes, this is INSANELY cheap -- do the math on the book prices and the
cost of rooms CMU for the two days. The way I drink and with airfares
being unpredictable, I might lose money on it. But I have been doing
SQL Saturday shows out of my own pocket for the good of the SQL
community for awhile now. This is Missionary Work to the non-data-
oriented website PHP developer community who eat their children and
live in trees. They must be converted and see the glory of
Declarative programming!

Details at: